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The hemodialysis nurse shall be oriented to and guided by the GMCL protocol as expressed through the PRIORITY MIX: Sound decision-making through calibrated weighing in and consideration of the following elements mixed together. PATIENT’S WELFARE, HOSPITAL’S WELFARE, STAFF AND EMPLOYEE WELFARE.


A. Admission and Scheduling of hemodialysis patients

– In-charge of the walk-in and telephones inquiries
– Screens patients for hemodialysis treatment
– Priming the patient of their responsibilities in their account as to whether they are on cash, PCSO, HMO or PHIC basis before the treatment
– Schedules the hemodialysis treatment of each patient

B. Machine Setup

– Familiarizes himself / herself to machine’s operations and troubleshooting
– Priming of bloodlines and dialyzer
– Clearance of sterilant and air in the bloodlines and the dialyzer
– Testing the machine by setting up the goal for 5 minutes to check if the ultrafiltration is working properly

C. Commencing of dialysis

– Verifying the doctors order
– Obtaining the weight and initial vital signs of the patient
– Completion of the data and the target goal for the dialysis
– Preparation of access
– Setting of parameters

D. Monitoring and Recording

– Monitoring patients vitals every 30 minutes
– Gives direct nursing care
– Carrie’s out doctors order
– Performs machine troubleshooting
– Identifies nursing needs of the patients
– Plan, gives and evaluates nursing care
– Assists patient in moving, maintaining proper alignment and utilizing good body mechanics
– Observes signs and symptoms, institutes remedial action when appropriate and records these in her charts
– Reports observation to the Resident on Duty and the Attending Nephrologists
– Observes and responds to patients emotional and spiritual needs
– Act as a liaison between patient and hospital personnel
– Interprets to the patient and relatives their roles in promoting successful therapy
– Assists physician and prepares patient with the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
– Assists physician when examining patients
– Administers medication, observed any reaction and documenting the intervention done to the patient
– Charts accurately medication and treatment
– Recording any incidents / accidents in the logbook
– Performing post dialysis vital signs and weight
– Surrendering discharge slips to the billing
– Charges patient for any additional medicines given or procedures done while on dialysis
– Informing the billing department any extra charges made and informing patients to settle their bill.
– Obtaining white discharge slips from the patient prior to discharge
– Discharging of patients

E. Infection Control

– Observing proper aseptic technique pre and post dialysis procedure
– Proper hand washing technique
– Wearing of face shield and changing of gloves
– Proper handling of patients infected with hepatitis viruses and patients non-hepatitis viruses

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