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Renders nursing care to patients with an assigned unit.

The nursing process: Assesses the patient’s condition with IPPA, arrives at a nursing at nursing diagnosis, plans course of nursing actions, implements independent and dependent nursing actions with in established standards of care and legalities of nursing, evaluates effectiveness of nursing care, modifies nursing care if necessary to meet objectives of care.


Creates plans of care with established standards of care for assigned group of patients coordinates with the medical care plan with the nursing care plan, interpreting doctor’s order to achieve the most effective results; relates doctor’s order to appropriate nursing measures.
Gives nursing care to the patients:
Makes rounds, alone and with physicians; plans patient care with doctor and the patient; communicates patient(s) needs and problems to the senior nurses or the doctor as necessary.
Listen to, evaluates and acts on needs, problems, and suggestion of patients, visitor’s doctors and others. Evaluates effectiveness of care plan, comfort and safety of nursing care, and procedures performed for her patients.
Records patient’s needs and problems and nursing care, supportive measures, procedures done and equipment used, and patient’s reactions/ results of the procedures according to the actual time , checks own documentation for completeness, pertinence, evidence of care given and records of patient’s progress.
Give brief report to the Head Nurses at the end of the shift for continuity of patient care.
Conduct health teaching/instructions to the patient as the case maybe.
Holds self-responsible for hospital, department and unit policies and practices directly related to patients being cared for
Helps create a climate of high morale in the unit through cooperation and support to peers and colleagues.
Promotes and maintains good interpersonal relationships with the medical staff and personnel of other departments, patients, families and the public.
Participates in studies and research programs conducted in the nursing unit. Participate in intra and inter departmental activities deigned to improve the services of the hospital.
Interpret Philosophy, objectives and policies of the hospital to patients and family hospital personnel and to the community.
Assumes responsibility for professional growth and development and professional obligations.
Attend meeting as schedule.

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