CAREFY Media ensures your Activity posts will be seen by All your Friends, Followers and even Logout users.

To maximize its Performance and avoid Suspension read the Features, Privacy, Terms and How it Works?

Social Media Features

CAREFY is a wholesome Social Platform that empowers your Business and connect you with Friends.

Privacy Policy

CAREFY operates with certain Privacy Policies to protect the personal and business information of our users.

Terms & Conditions

Everything you need to know about CAREFY Media Platform’s Usage Policy, and Terms and Conditions.

How it Works?

1. Register using the My Account link. We recommend to use Gmail for registration which you can use to upload YouTube videos and many more.

2. After Registration update your Profile name (First & Last Name). Your CAREIFY Profile will be linked to your Fund Drive using the Connect to Fundraiser button. Our simple social network can do public and private message, publish updates and activities, comment in blogs and Fund Drives, add Friends and Groups, etc.

3. Upload your latest Profile Picture. Note: We are limiting the the size of photo to 400 x 400 pixels and file size to 100KB. We suggest to save your photo using jpeg to reduce the size.

4. Open your Gmail account to receive the Account verification and read the links provided in the message.