General FAQs

CAREFY Media is a premier, wholesome & troll free Social Media Platform. It has a Jobs Portal, Food, Plants & Services Marketplaces, Fundraising, Press Release & Blogging platforms to empower your Business.

The more Platforms you use is better but you must use CAREFY. It was designed to Empower the Masses and Businesses. Unlike the old Platform which does not show your Activities to Followers and Friends who did not Engage, CAREFY shows your Activities to All Followers, Friends and Groups. Members can Advertise their Products and Services for Free in the Global Wall which can be seen by Logged out Users and Google. Vendors can sell in the 3 Marketplaces and post Job openings for Free in the Jobs Portal.

To effectively use CAREFY for Business, you must set your Profile and Activity post to Public. Join Public groups related to your business. All public Profiles, Groups and Posts will appear in the Global Wall so you gain maximum exposure. However, if you don’t provide Value and Market too hard using any platform, you are hurting your business. As a start, read How You do Social Media and study more Digital Marketing materials.

You can use it for Personal use by setting your Profile to Private. You never show in the Global Wall and your Activities and Profile can be seen by your Friends and the Groups you join. You can connect better with Friends and other members because you see all of your Friends, Groups, Following, etc. using the advance Menu and Filter.

CAREFY prevent spread of Inappropriate Content thru Community Moderation. Your account may be suspended if you post the following: a. Child Exploitation b. Direct Attack c. False News d. Gambling e. Hate Speech f. Misleading or Scam g. Nudity h. Political Propaganda i. Profanity j. Prohibited Item k. Self Harm l. Sexually Inappropriate m. Spam n. Violence

The user account will be automatically suspended when it reach the limit of compounding complaints.

CAREFY is universal and can play and share media from other platforms like YouTube, Tiktok, SoundCloud, etc. This will make your content creation easier and promote your other social media profiles. If your Image exceed the limit, you must convert it to the Jpeg format and or use the online Tiny Png compression tool. We will increase the upload limit as our business Grow.

Using CAREFY is slightly different with other platforms, click Posting Activities and Media to do it properly.

We ban Political Party, Affiliate and Group because they are the main source of False News, Hate Speech, Troll Farms, etc.. Furthermore, they will make the platform toxic and possibly Duel in the Global Wall because they see each other.

The limits are keys to maintain control and avoid gaming the platform. It ensure that All Members can be seen and given equal chance to shine. Furthermore, it improves the quality of the content since all are limited to 2 Posts daily.

Thanks for the kind words, you can support us by simply sharing our platforms to your friends. If you believe in our cause and render more support, please visit the About us page.

For more questions, Contact us and we will respond promptly.