What’s Next for the CAREFY Platform?

CAREFY is the newest Fundraising Platform but it is the Best at the outset. We combined all the good features of the popular platforms, add more features, then made it the Fastest, most Secure and Search Engine Optimized. This means every Fundraising post will be ranked higher by Google because Speed, Security and SEO are its key metrics.

This post aims to shortly discuss the upcoming features and to let our users know it in advance. Our vision is to make CAREFY not just the Best but the most Popular Platform and we think below features will help to attain that.

  1.  Make CAREFY multilingual and Search Engine Optimized in Big Population Countries. CAREFY is a multisite which means we can add unlimited interdependent websites. We will make 18 Fundraising websites, just like the Creative Web website targeting 18 countries.
  2. Add a simple Social Media Platform so that Donors and Fundraisers can communicate real time and privately. Currently, they can communicate thru the Comment section. We can easily add a Facebook Comment system but it is slow and redundant to the current WordPress comment system. We can easily add many Contact buttons but it will slow down the publishing of Post and difficult to delete all buttons after we make a Social media Platform. Lastly, it is not good to publish email addresses in the website due to Search Engine Optimization and Privacy concerns. The best way, really is Just Make a Social Media Platform since we are multisite.
  3. We will upgrade our Mini Store to make it multi-vendor. We want our users to sell some unique items in our store and earn. This has the lowest priority due to the COVID-19, because when we finish it no one can can ship due to the lockdown.
  4. We will continue to study the least popular platforms maybe we missed some key features to add in CAREFY.
  5. Lastly but the most important, we will listen to all our beloved Customers. Please tell us in the Comment section of features you want to add in CAREFY. Thanks.

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