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Why stay at the tail end if you can be at the forefront? The Need for Speed, indeed. According to Kissmetrics, a page that takes 5 secs to load is tantamount to more than 25% abandonment. The website’s speed is an important metric in the Search Engine Ranking. This prompted Google to develop the Page Speed Test to improve the user’s experience. A huge file size requires huge resources from the server, which may take a high cost and a longer time to load.

Here are the ABCs on how to speed up your website:

A. Optimize your Images

Images must be compressed since they largely contribute to the page size. Use JPEG for images and PNG for Favicon to maximize compression. Photos’ size should be a perfect fit to the website layout. If Photoshop is available, use Save for Web and settings Progressive, Bicubic Sharper and High Setting for optimum compression. Otherwise, you may use an online tool like TinyJPG. It is better to optimize the images first before uploading them to the website. WordPress Plugin like Smush Image Compression and Optimus can also be useful since they automatically compress the images while being uploaded.

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