Carefy WebsitesAfter watching a viral video of Officials hitting and arresting citizens rallying due to hunger and the hundreds of dying Medical Workers, our Founder was inspired to build a Platform. The Fundraising Platform was named CAREFY (CARE For You), because it was driven by Care and the extreme Desire to help in any way possible. It was designed for the masses but has a Strict Fundraisers Qualification Process to build Trust. CAREFY Fundraising is forever Free, has multiple Donation options, the Fastest, most Secure and Search Engine Optimized. This means every post will be ranked higher by Google because Speed, Security and SEO are its key metrics.

To boost users of the Fundraising and the other Platforms, our Founder developed a Social Media Platform as the primary domain. CAREFY is a Social Network wherein Donors and Fundraisers can Connect, become Friends and create Groups like in Facebook. It has a Global Wall which shows user and group Activities worldwide to empower your Business. We believe it is the best Social Platform for Entrepreneurs due to the Global Wall, better Profile Page and links to sell in the other platforms.

To uplift the Filipino, we build the Food, Plants and Services Marketplace to allow Small and Medium Enterprises to sell their products and services Safely. The 3 advance Platforms allow you to sell any type of Food, Plants and Services in the Philippines or in your area of operations. It is similar to Shopee but more advance to accommodate Booking, Recurring and Customer defined payments. Plus it has Directory, Map, Vendor Coupons, Store Hours, etc. to accommodate both Part and Full Time vendors.

We want to empower Filipino businesses and reduce the operating cost, so we made a Free Jobs Portal with advance features to make hiring of talents easier. It allows Employers to build a Profile and the Candidates to publish their resume to find jobs faster. Both Employers and Candidates can connect their Profile to the Social Media and Marketplace platforms to advertise the Job Opening and Services for Free.

Creative Web builds and hosts the platforms and expect greater features to come. Furthermore, new Platforms will be released after the Pandemic is resolved which empowers the Tourism and other businesses that cannot operate now.


Being a premier Social Platform, CAREFY is committed to Uplift Filipino Lives and build Platforms that Empower the masses and small businesses.


  • To Empower all Filipino Business owners by building Platforms that allow to promote and sell any Products and Services online.
  • To Build a big Community of strictly Qualified Fundraisers posting a valid cause or need that require Financial Support.
  • To further Develop the CAREFY Platforms and add greater features by listening to Customers’ feedback.

Support Creative Web to Develop more CAREFY Platforms & Uplift the Filipino.

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