Promote Yourself or your Business by making a website like Profile.

Stop paying for Ads & Followers. Post your Activities, Products & Services in the Global Wall for Free.

Enjoy same Features in other Platforms plus Blogging, Jobs, Fundraising, Food, Plants & Services Marketplaces.

Best Social Media Platform for the Masses

CAREFY NetworkCoca Cola after spending resources to earn 105 million Followers in a Social Network is Inactive. They have 889 Engagement (0.0008%) in their last year Post because the Algorithm does not show Updates to Followers who did not EngageThe Engagement Algorithm is seriously Flawed, it favors the Entertainers with die hard followers. Brands and the Masses reach are way down because the users are not aware that they need to engage to continuously see others in the News Feed.

CAREFY empowers your Business by having a nice Profile to promote Products & Services. It has a Global Wall to promote your Products Worldwide that can be seen by Google and Logout Users to gain maximum exposure. You can hire Employees using the Jobs Portal. Like Apple, you can Start a Business in the Garage and sell Food, Plants and Services in the online Marketplaces.

Unlike the old Platform which does not show Updates to your Friends who did not Engage, CAREFY shows your updates to All Friends, Groups and Followers by using the Menu and Activity Filter. Our Platforms are Free, you have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain if you Try it.

CAREFY is more Advance & Uplift Filipino Lives

Connect with Friends, Find Jobs, Promote and Sell Products & Services in the Philippines using CAREFY.

CAREFY Platform

Enjoy maximum Flex by setting your Profile to Public and posting in the Global Wall which can be seen by Google and Logout users.

Create a Nice Profile Page to promote Yourself or your Business. Post Media & Blogs to connect to more Customers & Friends.

Enjoy an Advance News Feed with Menu for Personal, Friends, Groups, Following, Favorite & Activity Filter to drill down posts.

Enjoy features present in other Platforms like Groups, Messaging plus Community Moderation, News, Radio, etc..

Find and Post Jobs, Donate to Fundraisers, and Setup your Business at Home to earn money Safely during the Pandemic.

Together, we can make Social Media Great again

CAREFY was designed to Empower the Masses and a Powerful Platform. It has A+ Security, Fastest (A99% Page Speed) and Search Engine Optimized (97) which means Google will rank your Posts higher. Creative Web builds the Platforms and expect more to come.

Social Media & Blogging Platform

CAREFY is like Facebook on steroids due to the Global Wall. Enjoy features like Messaging, Timeline, News, etc.. Create Public or Private Page & Groups. Post Blogs to uplift lives and increase leads.

First Services Marketplace

Set up an Online Shop and Billing System with an advance tools to sell simple, variable, bookable and recurring Payments of your Service. The Platform uses an Escrow account to ensure Vendor and Buyer Protection.

Fundraising Platform

CAREFY Fundraising is Free and designed for the masses which means Fundraiser can receive donations directly without a Financial account. All Fundraisers and Fund Drives are screened to ensure Donor’s Protection.

Best Food Marketplace

Direct Buy and Sell any type of Food. Whether your a Restaurant, Bakery, etc., you can Sell your Products anywhere. Use simple, variable and group product configuration with flexible delivery options.

Jobs Portal

We want to Uplift the Lives of Filipinos by making Finding Jobs Easier. Businesses can Post Jobs for Free and Feature your Urgent Job Opening thus reducing the Operating Cost.

First Plants Marketplace

Sell any type of Plants and Flowers. If you have a plant, vegetable, seeds, etc., you can Sell them in target locations. Use simple and variable configuration with flexible delivery and payment options.